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Just like the title sais, please say “Welcome” to our new website. This is a new place, a new brand for a new stage of our professional life, where we’ll release our work. We had to leave Pixelglow (our older home) behind us and start a new business in a new modern way. So on Picseel we’ll continue the work started earlier under the name of Pixelglow. We will release new products, a lot of nice freebies and news about the web design domains.

As we’re doing not only graphic design but even code, we like to share code snippets with you. So if you’re a coder or you like to get the things done fast, this is the place you’ll find a lot of helping code snippets mostly for Bootstrap, jQuery and WordPress.

We like to use open source software in our products and here on Picseel we already have a good set of frequently used open source goodies. We’ll offer you insights about all of them and about new popular releases.

The new trends will be here too, so if you don’t want to miss them, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

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