Radu Benjamin new logo mark

Artwork by  Silviu Stefu

We had a lot of fun while thinking and creating this vintage logo mark for Radu Benjamin, one of the best photographers we know. He told us that he evolved in knowing himself more and more lately and he wanted to reflect this growth even on his professional life. As a good christian Radu wanted to represent his faith in Jesus Christ by an anchor, a strong and lasting symbol. Here is what he writes on his own website:

Also the branding has evolved into something new: an anchor. And I have strong reasons to move forward to this logo and the main reason is that it is related to my own person and spiritual journey from the last 10 months. Some of the people around you today are living without hope. Look at them; they smile, but their eyes are dead. They talk, but the music has left their voice. They’re like mannequins: all dressed up and going nowhere because they feel hopeless.

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